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How innovation in the telco industry is driving sustainable impact on a global scale

Kingfisher Co-Founder and CEO, Georgiann Reigle shares how Kingfisher is helping to drive more value for the mobile ecosystem through a 1-for-1 device exchange, and the integral role consumers and carriers play in embracing new and innovative models of phone ownership to drive more device lifetimes.

"Ultimately what we need to get to is a one for one exchange. For every new device that is being sold is we are bringing a device back. That requires a significant amount of consumer behaviour change."

— Georgiann Reigle , Co-Founder and CEO

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, fostering innovation and driving collaboration among digital ecosystems and nations is of paramount importance. This approach enables an open, innovative, sustainable and scalable digital ecosystem that encourages the proactive exchange of new ideas, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

Digital innovation is a powerful catalyst for driving sustainability across various sectors, enabling the development of solutions that are transforming businesses while addressing environmental, social, and economic challenges.

By harnessing the potential of digital technologies and fostering a culture of innovation, a nation can propel sustainable development forward. Here we will bring together forward-thinking experts from across industries, as they convene to share their expertise, innovative business models and digital visions that have been a transformative force in driving sustainability and powering innovation.


Georgiann Reigle Co-Founder and CEO, Kingfisher

Simon Fraser CEO Palau National Communications Corporation

Stephen Tracy Data nerd | Coffee enthusiastic | COO at | Owner/Chief-Creator of

Sergi Figuerola-Fernández Chief Technology and Innovation Officer @i2CAT/CERCA (

Richard Lee Sr Partner, Seoul, McKinsey & Company (moderator)