More freedom than a trade-in

FLIP is an entirely new mobile experience solution, ushering in a new era of choice, control and flexibility for carriers and consumers alike.


How FLIP works

  • New mobile experience

    With FLIP, your subscribers can upgrade their device whenever they want, for any reason. Yes, really.

    new mobile experience
  • Break it down for me

    When your subscriber purchases a new device with FLIP, they enjoy the comfort of knowing that, if something goes wrong, they can return their old device and choose a new one. Maybe it’s not performing well, maybe it’s been damaged, or maybe they just want that shiny, new model. It doesn’t matter why or when. We’ll then take that old device and repurpose it through Nexus. Easy.

    break it down
  • What’s the catch?

    There isn’t one. Consumers get the ultimate mobile experience and carriers reap the benefits.

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What FLIP does for carriers

We work with market-leading, progressive carriers to deliver phenomenal value, improve profitability, and reduce environmental impact.

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  • 50%

    increase in subscribers from legacy products and increased profitability with higher ARPU

  • 20ppt

    increase in NPS and market differentiation with unparalleled customer experience

  • 1.6%

    lower postpaid churn

  • 100%

    of devices repurposed due to operational efficiency and improved sustainability

Most customers like the flexibility of being able to change their device if they do not like their current one or the ability to get the latest tech whenever they want. It is a winning point as to why they choose our carrier over the others.
Regional Sales Manager

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