Kingfisher is pioneering device freedom for telcos and businesses

For too long, device ownership has been complex and inflexible, locking consumers into contracts with damaged or outdated devices. Not anymore.


We’re transforming the mobile experience economy

The legacy exchange of new and used connected devices is riddled with inefficiencies. It’s bad for carriers, bad for consumers and bad for the environment. People-first by design, we've totally re-engineered the mobile experience (MX) economy – creating solutions that capture greater value for carriers, give consumers more choice, and reduce the environmental impact.

Circulation - A new life for devices

How can Kingfisher help you?

  • Unlimited upgrades, a game-changing customer experience.

    Give your subscribers freedom and drive loyalty with FLIP.

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  • Access to premium, early lifecycle used devices

    For unrivaled quality, service and access to the newest 2nd life devices, try Nexus.

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  • Don’t just align your device lifecycle management, streamline it

    We partner with progressive carriers to make device management elegantly simple.

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  • What makes Kingfisher different

    A perfect fusion of telco & tech experts who know there’s a better way.

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  • Say hello to FLIP

    Smart devices have always come with not-so-smart baggage. Lock-in contracts, device damage, insurance claims, outdated models. We’re giving carriers the power to offer their subscribers unlimited device freedom.

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What can FLIP do for carriers?

Enjoy increased product attach rate over legacy device protection products and improve subscriber ARPU

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  • 50%

    more subscribers than legacy products

  • 1.6%

    lower churn across base

  • 3%

    increase in ARPU

  • 20ppt

    increase in NPS

By making changes around value, flexibility, and convenience to upgrade and protection plans, carriers could capitalize on untapped market growth.
Altman Solon
on The Role of Mobile Device Upgrade and Protection Options on Mobile Plan Decisions

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