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Every year billions of mobile phones become waste - ending up in landfill or left in drawers and closets, never to be used again.

  • For MWC Barcelona we wanted to make a statement and prove that used phones are even more valuable in their second, third and fourth lives.

    Partnering with GSMA, to raise industry awareness, we created a high impact kinetic sculpture that visually represents how through circulation, new and used mobile devices are still a valuable resource.

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  • Kingfisher Featured in Al Jazeera News

    Kingfisher's CEO, Georgiann Reigle speaks with Al Jazeera's Charlie Angela on why giving handsets second and third lives is crucial.

    Watch the feature here
  • A sustainable embodiment of the circular economy

    Working with Helsinki-based design collective, the sculpture, named Circulation, was designed as a sustainable embodiment of the mobile circular economy.

  • Circulation by Kingfisher

    Circulation features 80 premium used smartphones refurbished through the Kingfisher circular system, living their second life as an elevated tool of expression, before going on to live a third life as a functioning device after MWC.


“Nothing like this has been done before”

  • Standing at over three meters tall, the three-dimensional spiral housing 80 interlinked mobile screens, uses continuous movement paired with a bespoke soundscape and array of custom synchronized light sources that act as windows into the circular economy.

    Circulation by kingfisher

Just like the Kingfisher circular system, everything we use will go on to live another life after MWC

  • Another life for used devices

    Designed as a modular system for efficient and ecological transportation, all the materials and equipment used will find a new home - while each of the used smartphones will be securely wiped and refurbished, ready to rejoin the circular economy through our partnership with GSMA.

What is circulation?

It’s a transition from a take-make-waste economy to a circular economy where products are built to last, repaired and reused, again and again. For mobile carriers, circulation is a fundamental shift in what it means to do business, creating a positive impact across the entire mobile ecosystem through implementing circular solutions and lifecycle thinking.

  • Navigating the circular economy isn’t easy

    Carriers are failing change on an unprecedented scale. At Kingfisher, we’re helping the industry transform by powering the efficient circulation of mobile devices within the global value chain.

    We partner with carriers to deliver more sustainable products and services that bring durable flagship phones to market and then maximise device lifespans across multiple users.

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