The future of second-life devices

Nexus is the world’s leading supplier of the newest pre-owned devices. We provide unrivaled quality, service and access to pre-owned device management solutions.


Making used devices more useful

  • We sell used devices

    Nexus has a unique supply of high quality devices from across a broad range of OEMS, capacity, grades, models and colours.

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  • We buy used devices

    We purchase surplus and returned devices from carriers and retailers.

  • We offer trade-in

    We customize and white label trade-in solutions for carriers and retailers. Our trade-in programs are fully supported from the front-end consumer interface to back-end logistics, management, and IT.

  • Our used device supply

    We source early lifecycle devices directly from consumers through our entirely new mobile experience solution, FLIP, that gives consumers the freedom to upgrade to a new device any time for any reason. Our supply includes a broad range of pre-owned smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches from all major OEMs.

Wholesale devices

We offer wholesale devices through periodic auctions and ongoing commercial relationships. We provide detailed, accurate device supply configuration information, including device grades and models to lend clarity to purchasing decisions.

  • Periodic supply

    We offer pre-owned devices periodically to fulfil short-term demand.

  • Steady supply

    We offer pre-owned devices on a recurring basis.

  • Parts for repair

    We offer damaged devices with useful parts to support device repair.

Meticulous quality assessment

We analyze the quality of each device through a digital diagnostic test using Blancco Technology assessment. Each device is given a grade based on the digital diagnostic and a cosmetic inspection. We’ve kept our grading structure straightforward to give you the consistency and simplicity you’re looking for.

Our grading system

Grade A As New, 100% functional
Grade B Very good cosmetic condition, 100% functional condition
Grade C Good cosmetic condition, 100% functional
Grade D Poor cosmetic condition, basic functionality
Grade E Severely damaged or non-functional
  • Pricing Intelligence

    You won’t find a more competitive price. Our unique sourcing model and broad partnerships mean our global data collection spans the entire device lifecycle, tracking both consumer purchase behaviour and real-time used device pricing trends. Nexus pricing is dynamic and market-aligned, meaning our partners have complete confidence in our prices.

  • Need help?

    If you have any questions about our device solutions, take a look at our FAQs. If you can’t find the answer you need, get in touch via the contact button at the top of the page.

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The Swap Club has developed a great partnership with Kingfisher Nexus for our e-commerce platform. Our team can always rely on Nexus to consistently deliver the highest quality product. We are pleased to continue a long-term partnership with Nexus as our company continues to grow.
Emily Alpert
Founder of The Swap Club
Blancco collaborated with Kingfisher Nexus to transform complex device diagnostic and data erasure procedures to delivery greater efficiency, data security, and diagnostic accuracy for Kingfisher’s revolutionary mobile experience solutions. The result is a new benchmark in mobile processing that benefits carriers and consumers alike. We are proud to partner with Kingfisher as they deliver mobile ownership innovations and improved device sustainability.
Alan Bentley
President of Sales and Marketing at Blancco

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