Sustainable value that lives on

Who would have thought that giving telcos and consumers a better device ownership experience would be more sustainable? We did.


The most pressing industry challenges can only be solved with next-gen solutions.

That’s why we’ve developed a self-sustaining, circular approach to device ownership.

  • Closing the loop

    Everyone is striving for a better future, and we’re no different. But in our business, circularity is only possible if it’s sustainable, inspires consumers, and generates business for carriers.

    Our flexible model powers a thriving mobile circular economy. By leveraging value in 'first ownership’ devices, we unlock a reliable supply of certified ‘second life’ devices; leading to longer device lifetimes with significantly less environmental impact.

A longer life for quality devices

Our circular approach is more than just recycling. It’s about optimising the life of the device at every possible step, keeping it in circulation for longer.

  • Longer lifespans

    Higher end models designed to last

  • More lifetimes

    Repairs and refurbishing allow 2nd, 3rd and 4th owners

  • Upcycling

    Reusing components from devices that are ready to retire

  • E-waste recovery

    Recovering materials from devices that otherwise would be disposed

How can giving consumers the freedom to upgrade more often be sustainable?

The typical device ownership experience for a consumer consists of waiting out a contract term, getting a new device, and then putting the old device in a drawer to be forgotten…

  • With Kingfisher, every upgrade brings returns

    Customers enrol to switch out their device for a like-new device at any time, for any reason (even if damaged), handing in their old device when they get their new one.

    Old devices are restored and given a ‘second life’ before being made available to consumers.

    Keeping these devices in circulation for longer is the best way to reduce negative environmental impacts associated with the production of new devices.

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  • More second, third, and fourth-owner lifecycles

    More reusing, repairing, and refurbishing. More devices reaching the end of their usable lives. More happy customers. More choice and more profit. More long-term value.

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A circular model that’s better for everyone

  • Better for consumers

    Device sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromise. Consumers don’t want to be locked into long-term plans, miss out on new features, or deal with device maintenance issues that only increase over time. They don’t want to be stuck with sub-optimal devices.

    The Kingfisher model provides the ultimate in consumer satisfaction with a sustainable and flexible mobile experience.

  • Better for the environment

    Our self-sustaining ecosystem of quality used devices reduces material footprints, delivering for the environment as well as consumers.

  • Better for carriers

    A sustainable approach, not at the expense of profits. With Kingfisher, carriers enjoy lower churn, greater value and choice, better consumer satisfaction and responsible business growth while meeting important ESG targets.

Your partner in ownership innovation

At Kingfisher, it’s our mission to help carriers deliver sustainable, world-class device experiences to their customers. Together we can make your transition to a circular business model seamless.

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