About Us

Kingfisher was born to disrupt the mobile experience industry and create an entirely new type of business.

  • What is Kingfisher?

    As a next-gen mobile experience (MX) company, we’re setting the new standard in mobile ownership by transforming the mobile experience economy. Our solutions bring unparalleled freedom and flexibility to the mobile ownership experience.

  • Why do we exist?

    We are obsessed with optimizing the lifecycle of smart devices and have created an MX system that allows 100% of connected devices to be returned, repurposed, and recycled with trust and reliability. We give carriers and their subscribers greater value and choice with less waste.

  • What do we believe?

    Carriers and consumers deserve a better mobile experience. One based on freedom and flexibility rather than limitations and restrictions. Our carrier partners know first hand: when you offer a better mobile experience, better profitability follows.

The Kingfisher Building Blocks

Our building blocks are the distinctive qualities we bring to all of our solutions and partnerships.

  • Challenger Spirit

    We are experienced experts who have come together to challenge the status quo. We aren’t afraid to take on the world’s biggest companies.

  • Elegant Simplicity

    We create simplicity where previously there was only complexity; our solutions are beautifully simple.

  • Creative Agility

    We are creative problem solvers at heart, we move fast and adapt to ensure continual success.

  • Practical Magic

    We bring delight back to the device swap experience by overcoming the stress and complication of typical device insurance experiences. Our innovative model allows us to seamlessly fit within existing frameworks, building value not complexity.

  • Aligned Partnership

    We believe true partnership is rooted in shared vision, goals, and trust. We’re committed to creating value with our partners above and beyond expectations.

We are Kingfisher


Do you believe in radical ingenuity?

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Global Staff Locations

Our team of experts can be found across North America, Europe, North Asia and Asia Pacific.

We come together to provide global coverage and support carriers in every location.