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Whitepaper: A New Approach to the Circular Economy for Mobile

A widely-quoted 2022 study by IBM revealed that 77% of consumers say they want to make more sustainable choices in their purchases.

All over the world, people are making consumption and lifestyle decisions with the environment in mind. They’re donating, recycling and buying ethically, with more and more consumers expecting brands to do the same.

For carriers, this significant switch suggests they can no longer compete solely on price, product quality and service. To truly win over customers, brands also have to demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Within the telco space, recent studies have highlighted, out of the 1.4 billion new phones forecast to be shipped in 2022, 83% of emissions will come from the manufacture, shipping, and first-year usage. A sobering statistic as we consciously evaluate the brands we interact with.

In this Whitepaper, developed in partnership with the GSMA’s mobile industry news platform, Mobile World Live, we look into:

  • The current mobile ecosystem for both consumers and carriers, and the gaps
  • The impact of device circulation for carriers
  • The sustainable benefits of extending the life of a device through shorter ownership cycles

We explore how through circular transformation we can all move to a more sustainable model of phone ownership. One that goes beyond recycling - to extending the life of devices across multiple consumer generations, drastically reducing environmental impacts, enhancing consumer experience and maximizing revenue now and into the future.

A new approach to the circular economy for mobile is ready. Are you?

Sustainability doesn't have to mean compromise

At Kingfisher, it’s our mission to help carriers deliver sustainable, world-class device experiences to their customers. Together we can make your transition to a circular business model seamless.

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