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Kingfisher’s ISO 27001 Certification - Reinforcing Security and Customer Trust

Kingfisher has achieved the ISO 27001 Certification, marking a significant step towards reinforcing its commitment to data security.

CIO Bryan Evans shares why now is the right time to achieve certified status and what it means for a service-oriented organization like Kingfisher.

"Just like how the technology landscape continues to evolve, digital security is also an ongoing journey of optimization” he says. "Having ISO’s robust security framework in place gives our practices an additional solid backbone, helping us to securely deliver on the Kingfisher brand promise, whilst enhancing our reporting capabilities and accelerating opportunities to scale."

When discussing the impact of the certification, he notes:

"Rather than fundamentally changing our day-to-day operations, it helps to underscore our security-first commitment to our customers and partners. Ultimately, it’s about making sure we continue to deliver the most seamless, trusted and secure device ownership experience for all."

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He adds, “the certification has also helped us enhance the visibility of security measures within the company so we can continue to bring unmatched freedom and flexibility to our customers and partners.”

ISO 27001 is the latest milestone achieved following Kingfisher’s recent collaboration with InTwo and CTM. Prior to this, in partnership with Microsoft and InTwo, Kingfisher spearheaded the testing and development of Microsoft’s Sustainability Manager (MSM) solution in the region, aimed at monitoring and streamlining its digital carbon footprint.


ISO 27001 an internationally recognized standard for managing information security, promotes a holistic approach to information security: vetting people, policies and technology. An information security management system implemented according to this standard is a tool for risk management, cyber-resilience and operational excellence. Find out more: www.iso.org